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Soul of Amsterdam: A guide to the 30 best experiences

Soul of Amsterdam: A guide to the 30 best experiences

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‘Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom' (John Green, American author) Sneak into the Westerpark community gardens, taste the best appeltaart in the Jordaan district, sleep amid the canals, eat herring at the water's edge, go bargain hunting at Europe's largest flea market, enjoy craft beer in the shadow of a windmill, take a dip in the Amstel, or put down your bags in a green oasis …

Soul of Amsterdam was written by journalist and trend-spotter Benoit Zante, who explored his adopted city at length to discover the multiple facets of this capital at the heart of Europe that is capable of reinventing itself and surprising us. The ‘Soul of' series is a new approach to travelling that's all about wandering around, chance encounters, and unforgettable experiences.

Guidebooks that unlock the hidden doors of a city, find its pulse and delve into every last nook and cranny to uncover its soul. Every guide in the “Soul of” collection - the 30 best experiences a city has to offer - interviews with those who give the city its spirit - original illustrations that capture the city's soul

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