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Superfoods for Kids

Superfoods for Kids

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Give your kids the natural, nutritional boost their growing bodies need with these super tasty recipes that even the fussiest little eater will love. Who would have thought cocoa is actually good for kids! It is. This kid-friendly cookbook, with beautiful photos of the food, will have kids finding the things they want to eat, and parents knowing that it’s all super healthy. The very good news? All recipes have been tried and tested on the toughest critics―kids themselves―and received the thumbs up! Grown-ups agree. A superfood is any food that is naturally grown and fresh―food that has not had preservatives or artificial enhancers added.

The recipes in this book use superfoods that are appealing to children, whether they are meals for breakfast, school lunch boxes, every day lunches and dinners or special treats. There’s also a chapter on preparing meals for babies when they first start on solids. We all want our children to grow up healthy, strong and happy so why not help them get an early start by making tasty and appealing meals. By serving children foods that are the best that nature can provide, they develop good eating habits that will take them through to their adult lives.

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