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Bicycle Mania Holland by Shirley Agudo

Bicycle Mania Holland by Shirley Agudo

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The Dutch are bicycle crazy. Nowhere else in the world is bicycling so ingrained in the culture as it is in the Netherlands, and never before has anyone captured its essence quite like American photographer and author Shirley Agudo, a longtime resident there.

Depicted in this enlightening and amusing book are young, old and even naked cyclists in a country with more bicycles than inhabitants, transporting 'anything and everything' on their bikes from tables and mattresses to four or five children and the family dog. Shirley and contributing photographers Trevor Waldron, Ben Deiman and Max Rubenacker take us along some of the 29,000 kilometers (18,020 miles) of bike paths and into the heart of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities to show us how pervasive, practical and incredible the Dutch cycling culture really is. It's all here the history, the infrastructure, the mentality and the global reputation of a culture gone completely mad about bikes.

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